Friday, April 5, 2024

Buried Grave Secrets by Darlene L. Turner (Review)

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Love Inspired
Released: December 26, 2023
224 pages

About the Book:

Standing guard…

with threats on all sides.

When bones are found at an unmarked grave site—and then shots are fired—forensic anthropologist Jordyn Miller knows someone wants old secrets to remain buried. She’ll do anything to uncover the truth about these suspicious deaths, including accepting the protection of her ex-boyfriend, Constable Colt Peters, and his K-9. But with targets on their backs, can Jordyn stay alive long enough to bring a serial killer to justice?


My Rating & Thoughts:    

Action pack from beginning to end. Dr. Jordyn Miller is trying to recover some bones that have been y they are fighting the weather with a hurricane on the way. To top it off, she is being threatened by someone who wants her to leave the case alone to protect their identity. Her ex-boyfriend and his K9 dog have been assigned as her personal bodyguard, and her heart was broken when they broke up, and it's difficult to be around him. A lot happens in a short amount of time, and the villain always seems to be able to get past the protection detail. There were a few things that frustrated me with some side characters, but I did like the leads and was rooting for them to solve the case and have a positive conversation about their relationship. I was kept guessing as to who was guilty for most of the book. I am not a dog person, but I really enjoyed the dog in this.

(I borrowed a copy of this book from a friend; opinions expressed 
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

Thursday, April 4, 2024

If Only They Could Talk by James Herriot (Review)

Series: All Creatures Great & Small #1
Genre: Non-Fiction
Published: January 1970
206 pages
About the Book:

When the newly qualified vet, James Herriot, arrives in the small Yorkshire village of Darrowby, he has no idea of the new friends he will meet or adventures that lie ahead. From the author whose books inspired the BBC series All Creatures Great and Small , this first volume of unforgettable memoirs chronicles James Herriot’s first years as a country vet, with the signature storytelling magic that has made him a favourite the world over. Here is a book for all those who find laughter and joy in animals, and who know and understand the magic of wild places and beautiful countryside.


My Rating & Thoughts:    

Real life recollections from James Herriot of his first year as a vet. Because I have fond memories of watching the show, I was constantly picturing the actors as I read. There are some funny stories and some graphic details. I found some parts boring and struggled to picture what was being described however there were also parts that made me laugh.

(I received this book as a gift; opinions expressed 
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Sea Glass Cottage by Irene Hannon (Review)

Series: Hope Harbor #8
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Revell
Released: April 5, 2022
327 pages

About the Book:

Christi Reece is desperate. The one-time golden girl's life has tarnished, and a cascade of setbacks has left her reeling. She needs help, and she's certain Jack Colby is in a position to provide it.

When she shows up in Hope Harbor, however, Jack wants nothing to do with the woman who betrayed him. He's built a new life on the Oregon coast--and there's no room in it for Christi, even after she takes refuge in a charming but mysterious cottage nearby. Yet it soon becomes apparent his opinion of her may need revising . . . especially when he ends up needing her help.

Can these two hurting souls make peace with their past and open their hearts to a new beginning?

Come home to Hope Harbor--where hearts heal . . . and love blooms.

My Rating & Thoughts:    ⭐⭐

Forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation. Christi has come to Hope Harbor to ask Jack for a favor, but Jack wants nothing to do with her due to their past. Can Christi prove she has changed? Her life has been in turmoil the last few years and even if Jack doesn't help can she find peace in Hope Harbor?

Jack has a lot thrown at him near the beginning, which is life changing. I was interested to know how he would respond. I found him easy to relate to. There is second storyline following Beth and Steve, who I quickly was rooting for. Their story is sad and they've responded differently to the circumstances. Both possible romances are second chance stories, which isn't a favorite troupe, but I liked these characters and was rooting for things to work out. Once again, Charley provides little bits of wisdom to those around him, and we get glimpses of characters from past books. There is a faith message of God's love for us never wavers, even when we turn from him, he is there for us. I did not like how the story jumped forward in time, I feel like I missed out on seeing the change in feelings happen. Overall, I enjoyed returning to Hope Harbor and spending more time in this community and meeting new people. I was left with questions though.
Favourite Quote: 

Reading the Bible is easy. Living it is hard.”

(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed 
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

If the Boot Fits by Karen Witemeyer (Review)

Series: Texas Ever After #2
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Bethany House
Released: March 12, 2024
349 pages
About the Book:

Determined to prove that cattle king Eli Dearing has no justification for evicting his stepmother and half brothers, Asher Ellis uses the cover of a fancy ball to break into the Three Cedars ranch house to search for proof of wrongdoing. On the verge of discovery, he flees, but a boy's cry compels him to make a daring rescue.

Spunky and independent, Samantha Dearing balks when she learns the ball her father is hosting in her honor is nothing more than a matrimonial ambush. Taking a break from her unwanted suitors, Samantha spots a thief fleeing her home. When the stranger ends up saving her brother's life, she hides the only clue to his identity left behind--his boot--and resolves to find him herself.

But when Samantha encounters the older brother of a student she tutors, all thoughts of the bootless mystery man vanish. And although Asher tries to keep his distance from Samantha for reasons of his own, a series of suspicious accidents befall her, and his protective instincts flare, no matter the cost to their future.

This Western reimagining of the classic Cinderella fairy tale is an enchanting story of courage, family, and the power of true love.

My Rating & Thoughts:    

I loved these characters, the setting and the faith content. Samantha has returned to Texas from finishing school in Boston and discovers her father has set up a ball in her honor to find her a match. She feels like he is trying to get rid of her and takes offense. Meanwhile, Asher has a grunge against Samantha's dad and is trying to find proof he did wrong to Asher's family. As the story progresses, it appears someone is out for Samantha. Can they catch this person before she gets seriously hurt? There was one scene that really frightened me and made me want to skip ahead a few pages, but I didn't want to miss anything. I enjoyed watching the friendship develop and grow to romance. I also really liked that Samantha confronted her father with her feelings and didn't hold back when she discovered information that could help figure out who was behind things. There is a strong faith message shared, and I absolutely loved the way Eli responded to the revelation. 

Favourite Quote: 
“The Lord is so good about providing unexpected joys.”
(I received an advance reader copy of this book from NetGalley; but then bought my own physical copy when it was released. Opinions expressed in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)