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Jane Reviews: Escape to Morning by Susan May Warren

Series: Team Hope # 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Tyndale House
Released: October 1, 2005
336 pages
About the Book:

Book two in the Team Hope series by Susan May Warren, the name to watch in romantic suspense. In Escape to Morning, Homeland Security Agent Will Masterson crosses paths with Search and Rescue worker Dannette Lundeen. Will is working undercover to find and neutralize a terrorist organization threatening U.S. security. Dannette is searching for a missing girl, who turns out to be the key to the terrorists. As Will and Dannette put their lives on the line, they find their hearts drawn to one another. Only as they trust God and each other can they find a way to escape to morning.


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My Rating & Thoughts:  🌟 🌟 🌟   (3 stars)

This story starts out suspenseful with Dani finding a dead body, Will running through the woods and Fadima arriving in America. When Dani hears a girl has gone missing in the woods, she sets out in search of her. Knowing the danger that lurks in the woods, Will sets out to protect Dani without revealing his secret. I felt the story began strong and it was easy to begin connecting with the characters of Will and Dani. While I did really enjoy the interaction between Will and Dani and was cheering for them to learn to trust one another and open up about what they were feeling I felt like the story dragged once I got about half way and the repetitive introspection of the characters began to frustrate me. I enjoyed the friendships and support of the various characters and how they were able to point out things to the characters that they were unable to see themselves. Overall I felt like the story wrapped all the loose ends up and concluded well without leave me hanging.
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(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed in this
review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

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