Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Review: Sandpiper Cove by Irene Hannon

Series: Hope Harbor #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Revell
Released: April 4, 2017
354 pages

About the Book:

Hope Harbor police chief Lexie Graham has plenty on her plate raising her son alone and dealing with a sudden rash of petty theft and vandalism in her coastal Oregon hometown. As a result, she has zero time for extracurricular activities--including romance. Ex-con Adam Stone isn't looking for love either--but how ironic is it that the first woman to catch his eye is a police chief? Yet wishing for things that can never be is foolish.

Nevertheless, when Lexie enlists Adam's help to keep a young man from falling into a life of crime, sparks begin to fly. And as they work together, it soon becomes apparent that God may have a different--and better--future planned for them than either could imagine.


My Rating & Thoughts:    

This is book number three in the Hope Harbor series and was a reread for me, I first read it in 2017 when it was first released. At that time, I rated it five stars but this time I only gave it four, only because this time through I realized that there were a couple things I would have liked to see more of. In this one we are following police chief Lexie Graham who is a single mother with a five-year-old son and she lives with her mother, and the male character is Adam Stone who is an ex-con who arrived in Hope Harbor about 18 months ago. Since arriving he has been a model Citizen and has been trying to put his past behind him. We did briefly met both of these characters in book 2, Sea Rose Lane. There have been acts of vandalism happening in town with Adam's place being hit a few times. This is how Lexie and Adam originally meet as Lexie responds to the vandalism reports and is investigating the cases. They begin to develop a bit of a friendship and feelings grow, but can a relationship work when one if the police chief and the other an ex-con. Is Adam's past going to be held against him or can he change people's views of him and get them to see him for who he is now not who he was. We find out who has been involved in the vandalism acts and Adam becomes a mentor to this person, he tries to teach them what can happen when you start down this path and show them that it is not too late to change and make different choices. I really enjoyed this storyline. Watching Lexi and Adam develop a relationship and seeing it grow was nice, but the reason I gave it four stars is I would have liked to learn a bit more about what let Adam to being in jail and have a scene between him and Lexie where he shared his past with her, and they talked it through. It didn’t seem like they really talked about it, but there was a scene where Lexie shares her past with Adam and what she has gone through and how she ended up as a single mother. I just I felt like we didn't get to know Adam as well as I would have liked to get to know him. I was rooting for these characters to get together, and I liked the side characters of Lexie’s son and mom. I loved the mom, she was just the right amount of pushy with Lexie.

(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed 
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)


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