Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Review: The Christmas Kiss by Shanna Hatfield

Series: Hardman Holidays #10
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Wholesome Hearts 
Released: December 8, 2022
260 pages
About the Book:

He’s a devoted single dad still grieving the loss of his wife.

She’s an outrageously fun female with a temper that runs as hot as a teakettle.

Will the two of them find a way to work together to give his son a Merry Christmas?

When Gracy Randall returns to Hardman after almost six years away, she can’t wait to see the look of surprise on her parents’ faces. But the surprises are for her, it seems, as everything she thought she could depend on turns out to be different than she expected. The family ranch? Sold. The fabulous job she lined up for her return? Gone. The life she left behind? Memories. Now what will she do?

Cord Granger has problems of his own. The ranch he bought to make a fresh start requires far more work and time than he’d anticipated. Until he can find someone to take care of the house and his son, Bodie, he struggles to keep up with each day’s demands. Yet, the thought of letting another woman into his home, even if she is hired to be there, feels like dishonoring the memory of his wife. But he has to do something. The work? Piling up. The grief he faces every day? Staggering. The life he left behind? Memories. Who can he trust to help?

After landing on the wrong foot the moment they meet, the last thing Gracy and Cord want to admit is that the other may hold the answer to their problems. Can a little holiday hope help Gracy bring fun and joy back into Cord’s world? Will Cord’s return to the land of the living break the heart she locked up six years ago?


My Rating & Thoughts:    

This is book number 10 of the Hardman holiday series. We meet Gracie Randall and Cord Granger. Gracie grew up in Hardman Oregon but has been away for a few years. She returns to what she believes is home but when she arrives nobody is around, and everything looks so different. She is so confused by what she is seeing and then meets Cord Granger. She is a strong-willed woman and demands answers from him, he doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t feel like he owes her any explanation. They get into a disagreement right away. She finally finds her parents and learns what changes have occurred while she was away. This was an entertaining start to the story. I quickly fell in love with these two characters, and they reminded me so much of my favourite characters in this series, Luke & Filly. I enjoyed seeing them interact with one another and with those around them. Not only were my favourite characters of the series characters in this book, but we also reconnect with other community members. It was fun to catch up with the community and learn what has been going on since the previous book. This was a fun sweet read with enjoyable characters and entertaining moments, I laughed quite a bit while reading. 

(I borrowed this book through Kindle Unlimited; opinions expressed 
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

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