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Jane Reviews: The Chirstmas Token by Shanna Hatfield

The Christmas Token
Series: Hardman Holidays #2
Genre: Historical Romance
Released: Nov. 20, 2013
318 pages
About the Book:

All she wanted was a peaceful holiday

Determined to escape an unwelcome suitor, Ginny Granger flees to her brother’s home in Eastern Oregon for the holiday season. Returning to the community where she spent her childhood years, she plans to relax and enjoy a peaceful visit. Not expecting to encounter the boy she once loved, her exile proves to be anything but restful.
A talented carpenter, Blake Stratton enjoys a simple existence in the small western town of Hardman. With honest work and good friends, his life is nearly perfect, at least until the day Ginny Granger arrives, setting him on his ear and turning his world upside down. Infuriated by her meddling presence, he’s further exasperated to discover she kept a Christmas token he gave her along with his heart the day she left town many years ago.

My Rating & Thoughts:  🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟   (4 stars)   

After 10 years, Blake and Ginny are back in the same town and neither knows how to deal with the situation. Ten years ago they were young teens in love and planning a future together, but they were separated and something happened that left them each with broken hearts. Now that they are reunited the same old feelings arise but after having their hearts broken from the other neither is sure they want to risk love again. Can Ginny and Blake open their hearts to one another? Is it worth the risk? As the story progresses we learn that someone else was responsible for their broken hearts. But will this information change their attitude towards one another?

I wasn’t really a fan of Ginny when I first met her, but over the course of the story I saw her grow from a spoiled girl into a caring young woman. Blake’s interaction with Luke and little Erin drew me to him, but then the scene of him expressing his anger towards Ginny made me wonder if I should like him. His anger felt a bit over the top. However he redeemed himself in my eyes and the more he and Ginny interacted I began cheering for them to overcome their past.

This book had me escaping from everyday life and laughing at the antics and quips between characters. I especially enjoyed spending more time in Hardman and catching up with the characters from book 1. The sibling relationship between Luke and Ginny reminded me a bit of the teasing that happens between me and my brother. Little Erin was really cute and added a sweetness to this story. Overall I was pleased with the way the story progressed and I loved the ending. 

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