Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday's Reading Status Updated: January 22nd

Welcome to week 4 of my new feature I'm calling Monday's RSU. Every Monday I share an update of my reading status - what book (or books) I finished since last Monday, what book I am currently reading and what I am planning to read next. 

Just Finished:
  Son of Promise  The Dandelion Field
My review of Son of Promise will be up this Saturday Jan. 27th.

This was the second time I read The Dandelion Field and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time (if not more). I did not want to say goodbye to these characters, but I don't have to for long as there is a book 2 with these characters. 

Currently Reading: 

The Hearts We MendI had planned to read a different book when I finished The Dandelion Field, but I just couldn't do it. I loved Dan, Gin, Raine, & Cody so much that I couldn't wait to spend more time with them that I started this one almost as soon as I ended the previous one.


Reading Next:
The Baby AssignmentI got this book along with Hidden Currents from Christy Barritt this week and I really debated about starting it as soon as I received it, but I was in the middle of The Dandelion Field and I do not like to read more than one book at a time, so then I decided I would dive into this on when I finished my current read, but that didn't happen either, so  I guess it's going to have to wait a few more days.


What are you books are you currently reading or have recently enjoyed?
If you wish to join in on this feature, please let me know.

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