Monday, 20 August 2018

Monday's RSU: August 20th

Welcome to Monday's RSU. Every Monday I share an update of my reading status - what book (or books) I finished since last Monday, what book I am currently reading and what I am planning on reading next. 

Just Finished:

Waiting for Dawn  Flee the Night

Currently Reading: 
Escape to Morning
Reading Next:
Expect the Sunrise

What are you books are you currently reading or have recently enjoyed?

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Jane Reviews: Thimbles and Thistles by Shanna Hatfield

Series: Baker City Brides # 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Released: April 9, 2015
276 pages
About the Book:

Stubborn, mule-headed, independent woman!

She'd take that as a compliment...

Maggie Dalton has no need for a man in her life. Widowed more than ten years, she’s built a successful business and managed quite well on her own in the bustling town of Baker City, Oregon. Aggravated by her inability to block thoughts of the handsome lumber mill owner from her mind, she renews her determination to resist his attempts at friendship.
Full of Scottish charm and mischief, Ian MacGregor could claim any available woman in Baker City as his own, except the enchanting dress shop owner who continues to ignore him. Not one to give up on what he wants, Ian vows to win Maggie’s heart or leave the town he’s come to love.

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Thimbles and Thistles Quote 1
My Rating & Thoughts:  🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟   (4 stars)
We met Maggie through Thane in the first book of this series, other than knowing that she is a talented seamstress with her own shop, has been friends with Thane and Tully for years, and that she was widowed young we don’t know much else about her. Ian was a new character and we learn that he has had his eye on Maggie for the last two years, but she has never paid him any attention. Can he get her to notice him and see how much he likes her?
It was easy to fall for Ian, with his Scottish accent and caring nature. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Maggie had her heart broken when she lost her husband and doesn't want to go through that pain again, but she is attracted to Ian and find herself fighting her feelings. Her best friends try to push her to open her heart to Ian, but will they succeed? Their story was filled with many fun moments, quick wit, romance, and elements of danger. I loved how involved Tully and Thane were in pushing Maggie to open her heart, these two are romantics.
Now that 2 of the three friends are paired up I can’t wait to see what kind of girl is going to be able to turn Tully’s head?
  Thimbles and Thistles Quote 2
(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed in this
review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

Other Books in the Series:
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Friday, 17 August 2018

First Line Friday (week 66): Corsets and Cuffs

Happy Friday!

Welcome to First Line Friday's hosted by Hoarding Books.
Today's book is: Corsets and Cuffs by Shanna Hatfield
Corsets and Cuffs
First Line:
"Flames better be shooting from the buildings in town, a dead body sprawled in the stree, and a wall blown off the bank by a gang of robbers, or you're gonna have to come up with some goldurn dandy reason for dragging me away from Ian and Maggie's wedding."

I recently finished reading this series, entitled Baker City Brides, by Shanna Hatfield. Each book was filled with plenty of laughs, a bit of mystery and lots of romance. I highly recommend checking out this series (or others by Ms. Hatfield).
Now it's your turn!
Let me know your first line in the comments and then head over
to Hoarding Books to see who else is participating!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Jane Reviews: Hometown Girl by Courtney Walsh

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Waterfall Press
Released: Sept. 19, 2017
382 pages
About the Book:
Beth Whitaker isn’t supposed to be a small-town girl. She’s always dreamed of leaving Willow Grove, Illinois, for the big city, but she feels trapped, struggling to make up for a mistake that’s haunted her for years. Just when Beth is finally ready to break free, her sister impulsively buys a beloved but run-down farm on the outskirts of town, and she begs Beth to help with the restoration. Reluctantly, Beth agrees to help—and puts her own dreams on hold once again.

Drew Barlow hasn’t been back to Fairwind Farm since he was a boy, and he’s spent all these years trying to outrun the pain of a past he thought he buried long ago. When he learns that the owner has passed away, his heart knows it’s finally time to do the right thing. Returning to Willow Grove, Drew revisits the old farm, where he attempts to piece together his memories and the puzzle of the crime he witnessed so long ago.

Both on a journey to find peace, Beth and Drew are surprised when they begin to experience a restoration of their own. But when long-buried secrets break through the soil and the truth unfurls, will it threaten their budding relationship—and the very future of the farm?

My Rating & Thoughts:    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟    (4 stars) 

This is a story about healing, forgiveness and discovering true happiness. It also includes a mystery that I was not expecting. It did not take me long to connect with Beth or Drew and begin feeling their pain. I just wanted to reach out, give them both a hug and tell them they were not alone. Drew was a man of few words, and has kept his emotions bottled up for years. He comes to Willow Grove in search of answers. Beth is struggling with the direction of her life, does she continue to do what everyone expects her to do or can she find her own path? When her sister approaches her with what seems like a crazy plan her protective side comes out and she agrees to help. With the encouragement of their brother Drew begins working on the farm with them and Beth is challenged in ways she never imagined. Can Beth and Drew help one another through their pain and find peace?

The mystery story had me intrigued wanting to figure out what happened all those years ago. When the answer was revealed it heartbreaking on all sides, but closure was provided for everyone.

I especially enjoyed how the community came together to help the sisters restore the farm. Watching Drew and Beth learning to rely on God, finding peace and discovering their true selves was an emotional journey but uplifting in the end. There were a few characters I would have loved to spend more time with and had dreams for two relationships to blossom. I will have to wait to see if Ms. Walsh brings these characters to life in another book.

Hometown Girl Quotes 2

(I purchased my copy of this book, opinions expressed in this review
are my honest opinion and completely my own.)