Thursday, October 6, 2022

Review: A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano

Genre: Historical Romance 
Publisher: Revell 
Released: July 31, 2018
412 pages

About the Book:

Tressa Harlowe's father did not trust banks, but neither did he trust his greedy extended family. He kept his vast fortune hidden somewhere on his estate in the south of England and died suddenly, without telling anyone where he had concealed it. Tressa and her ailing mother are left with a mansion and an immense vineyard and no money to run it. It doesn't take long for a bevy of opportunists to flock to the estate under the guise of offering condolences. Tressa knows what they're really up to. She'll have to work with the rough and rusticated vineyard manager to keep the laborers content without pay and discover the key to finding her father's fortune--before someone else finds it first.


My Rating & Thoughts:    

I really struggled at the beginning of this book that after getting 100 pages in I seriously thought about not finishing it, but I was like I’ve come so far already so I might as well keep going. I found the story moved very slowly and I had trouble following what exactly was going on at times. I think part of my confusion may have had to do with the time period and the language, but I also wasn’t really sure what the treasure was suppose to be. I felt like there wasn’t enough focus on the treasure hunt, this fell secondary to following Tressa’s emotions and interactions with others. So much focus was given to her feelings towards Andrew and Donegan. It felt like so much focus was given to the romance of Tressa rather than the mystery of the missing treasure. Even though Donegan is painted like the bad guy near the beginning I had a feeling he was going to come out as the hero in the end. I was drawn to him and wanting to know what happens with him is what kept me reading. I did like Tressa and her determination to do the right thing, but she wasn’t the character I was drawn to. I could see the growth in Tressa over the course of the book, she learned to lean on God for his strength and guidance. 

Favourite Quote: 
“Marriage is a woman's occupation, Tressa. Her method of support. Just as a man may choose the wrong trade, a woman may choose the wrong husband and find herself toiling in misery every day. Find the right one, however, and your life can be wonderful.”
(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed 
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

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