Monday, October 3, 2022

Review: Becoming Fearless by Michelle Aguilar

Genre: Biography/Memoir
Publisher: David C Cook 
Released: Oct. 1, 2011
231 pages

About the Book:

As the Season 6 winner of The Biggest Loser, Michelle Aguilar goes beyond her grand-prize victory to inspire readers to overcome fear.

In Becoming Fearless, readers will discover Aguilar’s motivation not only for winning the show, but facing her deep seated fears. They will discover they have a lot to lose as well—whether it’s fear, weight, or insecurities that keep them from living a full life.

Becoming Fearless is a story of reconciliation between a mother and a daughter, a testament to the power of forgiveness, and a reminder that the journey is even more important than the destination. It is an encouragement to “feel the fear” in any situation without being paralyzed by it. Will you have faith in God when you’ve lost faith in yourself?  

My Rating & Thoughts:    

Michelle Aguilar was the season 6 winner from reality show The Biggest Loser. In this book she shares stories about her growing up years, time on The Biggest Loser and where her journey has taken in in the year since the tv show. The way the book read it felt like I was having a personal conversation with Michelle. She shares about some of her biggest fears and struggles and works to overcome them daily. While my life experiences are not the same, I felt like I could relate to some of her struggles and was encouraged by her perseverance. There is a strong theme of trusting God as Michelle shares her struggles and inner turmoil. I found it encouraging to read about her struggles and inspired by her attitude. This book gave me hope. As I remember watching her season it was fun to find out some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that viewers don’t get to see. I absolutely loved the faith message and would recommend reading this. 

Favourite Quote: 
“I am defined by my loving heavenly Father, who declares me perfect in His sight and reminds me daily that I am limited only by my own perceptions. So I just need to stop giving so much attention and power to my fears and, instead, simply agree with what He already sees.”
(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed 
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

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