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What Matters Most by Courtney Walsh (Review)

Series: A Nantucket Love Story #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Publisher: Tyndale House
Released: April 5, 2022
333 pages
About the Book:

Emma Woodson is hoping the cobblestone streets of Nantucket and the charm of her late husband's family cottage will be the fresh start she and her young son, CJ, need. Securing a dream job at an art gallery is one more step along the path to a new life . . . and away from a piece of her history she hopes will never be revealed. Falling in love with the kind and handsome guy she hires to clean out the rental apartment above the garage wasn't part of the plan.

Jameson Shaw came to Nantucket for one reason: deliver his letter to Emma and never return. But when he sees an opportunity to help her, he takes a chance, desperate to atone for his past. He never planned to keep his connection to her husband a secret or to fall in love with her. After all, he knows that their new relationship might not survive the discovery of who he really is.

My Rating & Thoughts:    

There were parts of this story I really liked, such as the friendship of Elise and Emma and Emma's relationship with her in-laws. But then there were parts of the story I didn't like, such as the pretty big secret that Jamie was keeping from Emma. I liked that Jamie wanted to help Emma out and changed his plans to do that, but I believe he should have made a bigger effort to be honest with Emma much earlier. The longer he kept quiet the more suspicious I became that Emma would find out herself and things would be bad. At times it felt like Emma's son, CJ, was just added in when it was convenient to the story. Emma frustrated me when she expected Jamie to forgive her immediately, but then she refused to forgive him. I also feel like the connection between a few characters came out of nowhere. I did really like how Emma's in-laws treated her and the talks that Emma had with her father-in-law. Those chats made her think.

(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed 
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)


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