Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Craving the Cowboy by Liz Isaacson

Series: Grape Seed Falls # 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: AEJ Creative Works
Released: Feb. 6, 2018
204 pages
About the Book:
Dwayne Carver is set to inherit his family's ranch in the heart of Texas Hill Country, which would be great if his first love wasn't raising and training horses. In order to keep up with his ranch duties and fulfill his dreams of owning a horse farm, he hires top trainer Felicity Lightburne.

Felicity, wracked with grief over the death of her father, can't stand to stay on her family farm anymore, so she takes the job at Grape Seed Ranch sight unseen. She shows up in her red mustang only to be confronted by three wild bulls who've broken free.

When Dwayne intervenes, she's smitten. It doesn't matter that he's her boss, or that she dunked him in the small-town Texas festival the day before, or that he has tremors in his right arm from a military injury. They get along great, and she can envision herself on this new farm--at least until her mother falls ill and she has to return to help her.

Then she realizes that the ranch wife life isn't one she particularly wants. And it's all Dwayne has to offer her. Can Dwayne and Felicity work through their differences to find their happily-ever-after?

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My Rating & Thoughts:    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟    (5 stars)

This story features the oldest son of Maggie & Chase. Dwayne is set to inherit his family’s ranch, and as much as he loves the ranch his first love is horses. He can’t help himself from acquiring horses but he can’t train the horses and fulfill all his ranch duties so his father hires a horse trainer to help him out. The first meeting of Dwayne and Felicity was fun and made even better when a few days later these two learn that they will be working together as Felicity is the new horse trainer on the ranch. Felicity has come to Grape Seed looking for a fresh start and is dealing with grief over the loss of her father. A relationship between these flowed nice and easy from the start, nothing was ever forced. Dwayne tries to help Felicity deal with her grief by showing her how he finds peace at church, but Felicity feels like God abandoned her when he didn’t answer her prayers. But Dwayne never forces Felicity instead accepting her the way she is. There was a point in the story where I began to wonder if there would be anything that would challenge their relationship and make them fight for what they truly want. But yes a time came. I didn’t understand the choices Felicity made when this moment did come, but Dwayne was an awesome guy, being patient with her and giving her what she wanted but also figuring out ways to help her. He showed her that a good relationship is about compromise and teamwork. With these two things they can work through all challenges. I really enjoyed the ending when Felicity found peace with God.
(I received an ARC of this book from the author; opinions expressed
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

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