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Review: Someone Found by Teresa Tysinger

Series: Laurel Cove # 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Publisher: Good Day Publishing
Released: June 8, 2021
213 pages
About the Book:

Life’s detours can be the most important steps we’re meant to make.

Injured and stranded, hiker Quinn McAlister is stuck recovering in Laurel Cove, North Carolina. The quiet mountain town and its polite residents are a far cry from the stifling home and painful disappointments back in Maine. When her handsome rescuer offers her a place to stay, she’s faced with coming to terms with her past and putting faith, for once, in a hopeful future.

Camp director Eli Moreland has devoted his adult life to serving others. The summer takes an unexpected turn when the beautiful hiker staying in one of the cabins sparks a deep desire for more. Giving her advice about faith comes easy. What’s hard is deciding if he’s ready to reopen his heart to love.

Being lost is worth the pain when being found is so sweet.


My Rating & Thoughts:    

Quinn set out to hike the Appalachian trail in hopes of feeling closer to her father who she lost years ago. She had made it from Maine to North Carolina when a fall causes her to stop and recuperate in Laurel Cove. Eli is the one that finds her and is able to get her to help. Even though Quinn is pretty rude to him at the beginning he still offers her kindness when she is stuck in town. Quinn ends up staying in a cabin at the camp that Eli runs so the two are forced to interact a bit. We find out that Quinn doesn’t trust people, specifically church goers, due to the way she has been treated by her grandmother. Once I got to know a bit more of Quinn’s background, I found myself caring about her and hurting for the way she has been treated by her grandmother. I loved how the community and Eli showed her love and friendship even when she tried to keep herself closed off. A romance begins to bloom between Quinn and Eli and I enjoying watching this relationship grow. It was a sweet story were they each help each other deal with past experiences and move forward together. There were some very romantic moments throughout. While I liked all the secondary characters it was that character of Otis that captured my heart the most. He comes across as a little gruff and grumpy, but Quinn brings out his softer side. The gift he gives to Quinn just made me like him more. The reminder I take away from this story is that every time we interact with someone, we enter their story and have an impact on their lives of some kind, we may never know the results of that impact, but it is important to keep in mind that our actions affect someone else. Quinn discovers what a difference being treated with kindness can make in someone’s life.  I loved the story ended with Quinn discovering a connection to her father that she never expected.

Favourite Quote: 
“Love can't heal a multitude of sin and hate. Only Christ can do that. But love sure can help soothe the hurt.”

(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed 
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

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