Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Jane Reviews: Love Finds You in Holiday Florida by Sandra D. Bricker

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Summerside Press
Released: Nov. 1, 2009
320 pages

About the Book:

Lawyer Cassie Constantine has no plans to stay in Florida. She's here just long enough to sell her late husband's vacation house-a tacky bungalow she has always despised-and then she'll hightail it back to her gracious Boston brownstone. But the place needs more work than Cassie bargained for. What's more, her widow status is like a target on her back, and the elderly matchmakers around town manage to sidetrack her mission at every turn. But the biggest obstacle of all? Richard Dillon, the stuffed shirt she's paired with on the dance floor. Can Cassie let loose long enough to find new love in Holiday?
My Rating & Thoughts:    🌟 🌟 🌟    (3 stars)   

This was a cute story featuring an older set of characters than what I normally read. Cassie is in her mid 50’s and widowed, she comes to Florida to sell the vacation home she owned with her late husband. While fixing up the house she reconnects with a neighbour and meets a man who has her feeling things she hasn’t felt in a long time. Cassie is not quite ready to explore these feelings though. There is a bit of a mystery that evolves once rumors start to spread about the future of the community and Cassie teams up with Richard to discover the truth. This has them spending even more time together and the feelings deepen, but is Cassie ready to explore a new relationship?

I did feel like Cassie stayed in Holiday longer than needed to sell the house. She came to fix up the house to sell, but the repairs seemed to be done fairly quickly and then it felt like she was just hanging out there before she got involved in the mystery.

There was one scene that freaked me out and if it had happened to me I’d be selling my house as quickly as possible. I wouldn’t care if the problem was solved. It was hard to even read this part (if you hate snakes be warned.)

Cassie grows over the course of the book, learning to loosen up a bit and let out her fun side. Quirky characters like Millicent added some fun and entertainment to her life. The dance scenes at the senior’s events were entertaining. There were quite a few times I couldn’t help but laugh. My favourite part was the “Surprise Me” box, what a fun way to challenge yourself. Those looking for a sweet romance between older characters and story that makes you laugh will enjoy this one.

(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

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