Thursday, April 18, 2024

Calculated Revenge by Jill Elizabeth Nelson (Review)

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Love Inspired 
Released: April 13, 2010
212 pages
About the Book:

It's been eighteen years since Laney Thompson's sister was abducted and killed, but the pain Laney feels has never faded. And now the murderer is back, taunting Laney with mementos of her sister and threatening Laney's young daughter. School principal Noah Ryder is her best hope for protecting her daughter— if she can convince the former investigator to take the case. As the threats accelerate, a string of clues leads Laney to uncover old secrets. But without Noah's help, how can she piece together the puzzle before her child—like her sister—is lost to a killer's revenge?


My Rating & Thoughts:    ⭐⭐

Laney discovers a backpack on the school playground that was owned by her sister, who disappeared 18 years ago. How did it get there and why? I was sucked right into this story and couldn't put it down. The case kept me guessing who was responsible. The romance did develop kind of quickly, but it helped knowing that they had worked alongside one another for almost a year before anything happened. The 8 year old daughter had some great lines and made me smile. The reveal of the villain shocked me. Very well done.

(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed 
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

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