Friday, July 21, 2017

First Line Friday - Week 11

Happy Friday!

Once again we are continuing this month's Canadian theme and I am featuring another book set in Canada. We are leaving the beautiful Prince Edward Island and travelling to my home province of Ontario where we will join two girls on a camping trip in Northern Ontario.

Today's book is: Stormy Lake by LD Stauth

"The man relaxed in the wooden Adirondack chair in the screened-in porch of his cabin rental and stared out across the glistening waters of Lake Williwaw." 
This is a mystery/suspense and I will tell you "the man" is not a good guy. What brought him to Lake Williwaw and what does he have planned? I really enjoyed this book, my review can be found here.

Now it's your turn! Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. Then join in more First Line fun by visiting these blogs:


  1. Hmm... that cover is very atmospheric, too!

    I'm featuring a new release by Bethany Kaczmarek on my blog this week, but I'm going to post the first line from a book I've been meaning to read for aaaaaages: To Whisper Her Name, by Tamera Alexander.

    "First Lieutenant Ridley Adam Cooper peered through the stand of bristled pines, his presence cloaked by dusk, his Winchester cocked and ready."

  2. My first line is from Sweet Delights by Cecelia Dowdy: "PATTY-LYNN?" THE FAMILIAR VOICE made her pause.

  3. I'm sharing a first line from The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson. "The change in Marie Carrington's pocket wouldn't pay for a ferry ride across the Northumberland Strait to Prince Edward Island, let alone a bus ticket to anywhere else in the world."

  4. Happy Friday!

    My first line:
    January 25, 1980, midnight
    The first execution I attended wasn’t by lethal injection but by Old Sparky. ~A Twist of the Knife by Becky Masterman

    Happy Reading!
    Dinh @ Arlene's Book Club

  5. I would love to visit Ontario too. Can I just travel around Canada?! :) Happy Friday!

    1. I've travelled quite a bit of Canada, but there is still so much to see.

  6. Hmmm... sounds like quite the page turning mystery!

  7. Happy Friday!

    My first line comes from Dime Novel Suitor by Carrie Fancett Pagels. It's part of the Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands Romance Collection.

    Turtle Springs, Kansas
    April 1866

    Pa had some kind of nerve, up and dying like that-just when I'd gotten used to Frank being gone.

  8. Oooooo, that's quite a gloomy cover!

  9. My first line is from Gabrielle Meyer’s novella found in the Of Rags and Riches Romance Collection
    “A Tale of Two Hearts” Little Falls, Minnesota May 20, 1899
    The countryside sped by as Elijah Boyer pushed the Duryea Motor Wagon to twenty-five miles per hour.