Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Finding Love in Park City Utah by Angela Ruth Strong

Series: Resort to Love # 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Mountain Brook Ink
Released: March 1, 2017
270 pages
About the Book:
Falling in love can feel a lot like tumbling down a mountain

C.J. Lancaster’s job as a tabloid journalist takes her to the Sundance Film Festival to interview an actress. She tries to charm her way past the movie star’s youngest brother-in-law, Sam, and somehow ends up on an “undate” with him. If C.J. were ready to date, the fun-loving veteran would be her first choice, but since she’s still healing from her ex-husband’s affair, she knows it will be safer if she scares her new “friendboy” away.

Sam Lake is intrigued—he’s never had to pursue a woman, and he can’t get C.J. out of his mind. Whether it’s how she likes to eat ice cream in winter or the way she gets his nieces and nephews to gang up on him in a snowball fight, he feels more at home with her than his oversized family. But when his own issues arise, he realizes C.J. might be right about avoiding a relationship with him.
Can the two of them overcome the emotional mountains in their lives to be together, or will they remain a “noncouple” forever?
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My Rating & Thoughts:    🌟 🌟 🌟   (3 stars)

“Romance movies and poetry books were full of beautiful phrases
and eloquent analogies that made a woman swoon,
but she turned into mush at a simple greeting.”

Sam has travelled to Park City to the Sundance Film Festival with his family, while there he acts as bodyguard to his sister-in-law since he can’t partake in any of the winter activities due to a broken foot. CJ is in Park City on assignment, trying to get an interview with one of the actresses, but things don’t start out well for her. The first meeting of these two is a bit awkward but both feel a draw to one another. Sam wants to pursue this feeling, but CJ wants to steer clear of it.

There were some really entertaining moments and the concept of un-dating was funny. However the overall story did not hook me as much as the previous book. While I enjoyed getting to know Sam better and catching up with previous characters I never felt like I couldn’t put the book down. I struggled to connect with CJ, while I understood that her past experiences have made her leery of men, her up and down feelings towards Sam irritated me. There was a strong faith element shared, predominantly the conversations between CJ and her dad. I also enjoyed how the author had the characters use Bible characters to show how gifts and strengths can be used. Sam learns that even though he feels he does not measure up to his siblings, God has indeed given him gifts that he can use to help others. Sam was a great character, a true kid at heart but filled with wonderful talents. His interactions with the children made for some really sweet moments. There were times where the story felt a little too unrealistic for me, especially as everything happens in just a 2 week time period. The epilogue gave the book a satisfying end. Overall I enjoyed the story and catching up with the Lake family members.

“Every time you face a challenge you’re going to overcome
and realize you are stronger than you thought you were.”

(I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed in this review
are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

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