Saturday, August 12, 2017

Clean Getaway by Christy Barritt

Series: Squeaky Clean Mysteries #13
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: River Heights
Released: July 21, 2017
282 pages
About the Book:
Gabby St. Claire Thomas has been given the opportunity of a lifetime: heading up a privately funded Cold Case Squad and handpicking the team members. Persnickety Evie Manson and nerdy Sherman Gilbert join forces with Gabby to bring justice and solace to families who still want answers.
On their first case, the Squad discovers that the murders of Ron and Margie Simmons are more than cold—they’re frozen solid. The couple’s anniversary celebration ended as a double homicide, and ten years later their daughter still longs for answers. But who would kill the loving couple? What kind of secrets hid beneath their cheery, All-American exteriors?
With every new lead, someone tries to sabotage their investigation . . . but the team might just end up being their own worst enemies. As a deadline presses in, can Gabby and her Squad bring the heat? Or will this cold-case killer make a clean getaway?
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My Rating & Thoughts:    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟  (4 stars)
“Coffee always made everything better.”
“Sometimes you just don’t realize it until later
how all the pieces are coming together.”
Gabby is back; this time starting her new job working on cold cases. You wouldn’t think a cold case would be too dangerous, but it wouldn’t be Gabby’s life if there wasn’t someone making her life dangerous right? There was quite a bit of danger throughout the book, one part freaked me out so much I wanted to skip that section (warning – snakes involved), but I didn’t want to miss anything so I endured. Thankfully this didn’t last long. Gabby’s team includes to two book smart individuals, but they lack social skills and Gabby has to be on her toes to make sure that this doesn’t cause them more problems on top of the ones they are dealing with because of the case. The case itself kept me on my toes trying to figure out who was behind the events before it was revealed. I did suspect the right person, but I didn’t have the motive. I love the quirkiness and snappy attitude of Gabby, there were many moments where I laughing at some of the things she said. There is one moment involving coffee that made me laugh really hard, pretty sure I would have reacted like Gabby. I enjoyed how Ms. Barritt included the interactions between Gabby and Riley even though Gabby was out of town. I would have missed Riley otherwise; I love how he supports Gabby in everything and am pleased with how the story ended for them. I can’t wait to see what else Ms. Barritt comes up with for these characters.
“Doing the right thing didn’t always feel good,
but that didn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.”
(I received this book free from the Ms. Barritt; opinions expressed
in this review are my honest opinion and completely my own.)
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