Friday, October 12, 2018

First Line Friday (Week 74): Burden of Proof

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Welcome to First Line Friday's hosted by Hoarding Books.

Today's book is: Burden of Proof by DiAnn Mills
Burden of Proof
First Line:
"Eerie feelings are rarely something to ignore, and hostage negotiator Special Agent April Ramos feared her arrival at a critical scene might be too late."

This week I am featuring a book that just released this past Tuesday. The action starts right from the beginning. April has just ended a rough night on the job goes to get coffee before heading home. All of a sudden she finds herself with a baby shoved into her arms and taken hostage by someone who swears he is innocent. What is going on? I was hooked from the moment I started and felt like I was right there with April trying to figure out who she can trust. I recommend at this one to your TBR list. You can find my review here.
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  1. I am reading Burden if proof right now!
    I am sharing from Eternity Between Us by Stephenia McGee. I’ll give you the first line from the third chapter:
    The sound intensified, a keening wail that knifed through her very bones and caused them to quiver.
    Great Civil War book!