Friday, October 27, 2017

First Line Friday - Week 25

Happy Friday!!!

Welcome to First Line Friday's hosted by Hoarding Books. I started this post planning to feature an upcoming release, The Engagement Plot by Krista Phillips, but as I was writing the intro I began talking about the book that introduced me to her writing and was the reason I was excited to read her new release. I read this book back in 2013 (which means there is no review on the blog) but I remember loving it and have kept an eye out for future works by her. So I decided to change my plan and feature that one instead. And now after cracking it open to share the first line, I feel I must read this again soon.

Today's book is: Sandwich, with a Side of Romance by Krista Phillips

Sandwich, with a Side of Romance

First line is:
"God, is it against the rules to want to strangle one's boss?"

Now it's your turn!
Let me know your first line in the comments and then head over
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  1. Lol! Great first line! (Is it meant to be 'strangle' rather than 'strange'?)

    I'm featuring Sarah Monzon's upcoming release, 'The Esther Paradigm' on my blog this week, but here I will share the first line of Irma Joubert's 'The Crooked Path':

    Lettie and Annabel had been friends for as long as they could remember.

    Have a great weekend! :-)

    1. It should be strangle, I've now corrected it. Thanks for noticing.

  2. Hee Hee! I'm sure we've ALL had that thought!

    "Sir? I think you need to hear this". - Against All Odds by Irene Hannon

    Happy weekend!

  3. I've read that book! As I recall, it was one that I enjoyed quite a bit.

    My first line comes from "Fish and Chips" by Erynn Mangum. I've read the book many times and giggle through it each time. :-)

    "In all honesty, it wasn't me who killed the fish."

  4. I'm anxiously awaiting the Engagement Plot, too! The sandwich series by Krista Phillips is high on my TBR list.

    I’m sharing the first line from Christmas at Harrington’s by Melody Carlson on my blog today. In keeping with my Christmas theme, I’ll share the first line from another Christmas book inching its way up my TBR list: A Husband for Holly by Marion Uechermann. “OH NO. Hurry, Heather, before she spots us.”

  5. LOL! I think many can identify with that first line at some point or another. It sounds like a super fun book to read. I'm adding it to my #TBR and jumping back quickly before it topples over and buries me. hehehe!

  6. Loved this one!

    I shared a line from Seeking Mansfield by Kate Watson on my blog today but the first line of what I'm reading is...

    Is Daddy down there? (from Christmas at Cade Ranch by Karen Rock).

  7. Haha, oh gosh. I'm sure we can all relate to that! Looks like I'm going to need to check this book out. Thanks for sharing!

    I’m featuring Hometown Girl by Courtney Walsh on my blog, but I’m currently reading a non-fiction book called She’s Got The Wrong Guy: Why Smart Women Settle by Deepak Reju so I’ll use that today.

    Part 1:
    From Problems to Faith
    When it comes to dating and marriage, what problems do you face as a single woman?

    Happy Friday!!

  8. Great first line!!!

    Today, I am featuring My Heart Belongs in Castle Gate, Utah by Angie Dicken, but I am currently in the middle of reading Hamlet with my AP Lit seniors. We are in Act 3, so I will share the first line from Act 3, Scene 1:

    Claudius: And can you by no drift of conference get from him why he puts on this confusion, grating so harshly all his days of quiet with turbulent and dangerous lunacy?

  9. Haha...hilarious first line. :) Happy Friday!

  10. Best first line ever! And I can totally relate to this character.....hehehehe

  11. I love that first line! It definitely engages the reader right away. I'm featuring The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen on my blog. But I will share the first line of Jody Hedlund's Love Unexpected here. "The blast of a gunshot awoke Emma Chambers."

  12. Haha! What a great first line!

    My current first line is from A MOTHER IN THE MAKING by Gabrielle Meyer: "John Orton stared at Anna's portrait, his grief nothing compared to his pulsing guilt."

  13. My first line is from The Color of Redemption by Lynn Cornell:

    "An eerie foreboding had jolted me from my sleep this morning, vexing my spirit - the kind of vexing that made me want to cower under my covers and stay in bed."